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Eyelet-Edged Coasters  -- This is a square garter stitch coaster with simple eyelet edging.  It should be made with 100% cotton so itís absorbent (donít you hate those stone or plastic coasters where the water just runs off or drips off the glass every time you pick it up?), and itís machine washable and dryable, too.

DATE -- February 2001


Neck Gaiter   -- This tubular neck gaiter is knitted in a simple ribbing pattern.  It can be worn around the neck and pulled up over the mouth and nose if itís very cold.  It  also works great as a simple hat if itís not too cold out (the open top lets some of the heat out).  always part of my cool-weather camping gear and I keep one or two in my car with my winter survival wear.

DATE -- February 2001

Sewn Mittens (free pattern, no knitting necessary) -- This is a cut-and-sew fabric mitten that can easily be made in any size.  It is made from shrunken (felted/fulled) wool sweaters -- check you local thrift store for such a sweater, and if it's not shrunken enough, then just throw it in the washing machine for a regular cycle or two using hot water and soap.  The mitten can be made from either 2 or 3 pieces of fabric and modified almost endlessly in style.  The mitten's seams can be machine sewn (inside or outside seams) or baseball-stitched, whip-stitched, or blanket-stitched with yarns.   The mittens can be as crude or as decorative as you want.
DATE -- 1990, revised November 2001





Simple Scarves (2 free patterns)-- Here are basic directions for two types of rectangular scarves or shawls, both of which are reversible (no wrong side) when worked in garter stitch.  They look great in basic yarns or fancy furry or glitzy novelty yarns.  The rectangular patterns can be made in any width or length.

DATE - June 2004


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