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Polymer Clay Buttons

These individually hand crafted buttons are created by knitting and jewelry designer, Rita O'Connell.  They are designed especially for complimenting your wearable art (AKA your sweaters, coats, vests, etc. made with loving care on your knitting needles, loom, crochet hook, or sewing machine).


Please select the buttons you like and on your order form be sure to indicate which design and how many you would like - remember that these are limited-edition or one-of-a-kind. 


The designs shown can also be custom made in a size and color to match your color scheme.  Custom designs and matching beads and earrings are also possible.  Please click on earth@pagosa.net to ask how to send a swatch of your project for color matching or ask for custom designs. 


CARE - Hand washing and air-drying is best.  Do NOT dry clean.  Gentle machine washing may be acceptable, but is not guaranteed. 


CAUTION - Do NOT put these button on small children's clothing or use for any food handling.  They are made of petroleum products which after baking may still contain tiny amounts of substances not good to ingest.


Checker - about 5/8", plastic shank, red & gray - $ 1.25 each  


Flower - about 1", plastic shank, red & pink & gold - $ 2.00 each 


 Patriotic Star - about 1", plastic shank, red & white & blue - $ 2.00 each


Spiral - about 7/8", plastic shank, black & white - $ 1.50 each


Spiral Sun - about 1", plastic shank, black & coppery brown - $ 2.00 each.


Spiral Sun - about 1", plastic shank, red & gold - $2.00 each.

 Last update:  December 31, 2007

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