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Earth Heart Designs

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Designer Info



Lake Superior's North Shore


Hauling wood for next winter's fires

Spring high water at our lake, with canoe & swan



Apple blossoms on our tree




 Snow-covered tractors,

January 2005



Thick Lake Superior ice (but no snow), Lakewalk and Duluth Lakefront, February 2007



Walking on Lake Superior ice near downtown Duluth,

February 2007


Do you want to know more about Earth Heart Designs?

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Earth Heart Designs is located in northeastern Minnesota, near Duluth and the amazing Lake Superior

Earth Heart Designs is a home-based business, and does not have a retail location.  But I travel to fiber shows and I'm available to meet you by appointment, so feel free to call and arrange a visit if you're in the area  (see contact info on the bottom of the page).  To be honest, the design side of the business so far consists only of me, but I notice that I've lapsed into the royal "we" in some places on this site (for example -- "our designer" at the top of this page).  But I have added one-of-a-kind shawl pins made by my cousin, Erica, so I'm not the only person represented in these pages.  I hope you like her pins, too.

EHD's first home was in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, for about 4 years, but it recently moved to a new home outside of Duluth, Minnesota.  Oh, yes, since EHD currently consists solely of me - that means that it's me that has moved to rural Duluth (I need to add some pieces back into my life that Pagosa Springs could not provide - my plan is to continue teaching college biology or environmental science courses part-time while continuing this fiber business).  What I've really done is move back to my childhood home - a house built by my great-grandparents in 1916.  It's on a mostly wooded parcel in the north woods, surrounded on 4 sides by a wildlife management area, with a shallow reservoir lake north of the property that's a wonderful place to canoe.  Summers are lushly green, while winters are cold and long and white.

It's colder in winter here in Minnesota and I'll miss a horizon lined with mountains, but Lake Superior, the north woods, and nearby siblings, nieces & nephews, cousins, aunts & uncles will provide other treats as I continue designing - and as I design and teach biology classes at local colleges.


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 Last update:  December 31, 2007

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 P.O. Box 18065, Duluth, Minnesota 55811 USA

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